Tim Towers

I was born into a Christian farming family and these two aspects have been my life ever since.
Even though I knew the claims of the gospels from my earliest memories it was not until about the age of ten that I felt the conviction of sin at a Holiday Bible Club and asked Jesus Christ to be my LORD and saviour. I was baptised two years later.
I grew up in the church and over the years have seen it grow from about 30 members to over 100 and two church plants as well.
I have much to be thankful for, especially for the various youth group leaders and church pastors for my spiritual development and my family for my Christian development.
When I went to Agriculture College I realised I had to make a stand for Christ, since there was very few Christians for support there and it was a great learning curve for me in more ways than one.
Back home while working on the family farm I also served in several roles of responsibility in the church graduating through the youth work, house group assistance and leader and then a Deacon for nearly 20 years, about half that time was spent as church treasurer  and chairman of the Deacons.
I felt the LORD telling me to stand down in 2006 and within a month my very dear father died suddenly ( heart related ), leaving me the responsibility of dealing with the farm and related issues.
It has been amazing how God has answers prayers through this time whilst dealing with farm issues and life problems in general.
I met my lovely wife Lyn on an Oak Hall holiday in Canada and we were married in 1995 and since then the LORD has blessed us with two boys, Peter and Joshua ( 20 and 18 at the time of writing ), who have both made commitments to the LORD.
Lyn now works as financial director for O.M. UK. at the Quinta. This means we tend to have a missionary focus which may lead to a change in direction for our lives in the near future ( watch this space ).
Being the most recent Elder in the church ( about 18 months now ) it has been great to see the LORD moving and recently we re-appointed Colin Jones as our Pastor which heralds a new beginning in the fellowship.


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