Holiday Bible Club: Age 4-11

Summer Holidays

HBCThe fun starts on Wem recreation ground (09:15 am) and ends at Wem Baptist Church (12:30 pm)

Holiday Bible Club (or HBC as it is known) is a weeklong activities time for kids aged between 4-11yrs. We have games, competitions, worship, bible stories, prizes, crafts and a whole lot more.

We take serious the encouragement of the bible to introduce Jesus to kids at a young age (Ecclesiastes ch. 12 v. 1) so they can make informed decisions in their own lives, and this week of fun does just that, we would love to see you and your children at this year’s HBC.

Why not come and long and join in…..   for more details please Contact us.RWG

HBC normally takes place in the first week of August.  As we reach spring time please head to the “Events page” of the website under the menu “What’s on” and you will hopefully see HBC feature in August or under the “Youth Category”

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