David Rowe

I was born in Hampshire and grew up on a farm just outside Chichester. My parents had a respect for the Bible and my mother read Bible stories to me but we were not regular church goers let alone committed Christians. At the age of sixteen, while home from boarding school, my mother encouraged me to attend an Anglican church in Chichester which had “lots of young people”. It was here that I met committed Christians for the first time. One student, home on vacation from Cambridge, made a point of talking to me about the gospel and sharing his faith. A few weeks after my eighteenth birthday, I committed my life to the Lord.

Very soon I left Chichester for Carmarthen to train as a Primary school teacher. My involvement in the CU taught me a lot and it was here I met my wife Anne. We have encouraged each other in our faith. After our marriage we eventually settled in Fleet, Hampshire, and were for ten years members of the local Baptist church and I was one of the leaders of the Young People’s Fellowship.

In 1991 we moved to Wem. Here our children grew in faith and knowledge under some excellent Bible teaching. Since leaving full time teaching I have been privileged to give more of my time to working for the church. It is a great blessing to be part of a fellowship which has a real heart for the gospel and with a strong sense of mission.

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