Colin Jones continues the mini series in Proverbs

Proverbs 18:4-21 “The Tongue”


Sermon Bible Passage

The words of the mouth are deep waters,     but the fountain of wisdom is a rushing stream.

It is not good to be partial to the wicked     and so deprive the innocent of justice.

The lips of fools bring them strife,     and their mouths invite a beating.

The mouths of fools are their undoing,     and their lips are a snare to their very lives.

The words of a gossip are like choice morsels;     they go down to the inmost parts.

One who is slack in his work     is brother to one who destroys.

The name of the Lord is a fortified tower;     the righteous run to it and are safe.

The wealth of the rich is their fortified city;     they imagine it a wall too high to scale.

Before a downfall the heart is haughty,     but humility comes before honor.

To answer before listening—     that is folly and shame.

The human spirit can endure in sickness,     but a crushed spirit who can bear?

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,     for the ears of the wise seek it out.

A gift opens the way     and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right,     until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

Casting the lot settles disputes     and keeps strong opponents apart.

A brother wronged is more unyielding than a fortified city;     disputes are like the barred gates of a citadel.

From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled;     with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied.

The tongue has the power of life and death,     and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Proverbs 18:4-12 NIV