Read Acts 2:22-41 – Men make pleasing God a matter of “works”. Keeping laws and commandments, observing “religious rights and ceremonies”, doing “good works” or just living a “better” life than others around us. God promises us eternal life on the basis of two simple things:

  1. Repentance – an acknowledgment that we have sinned and a turning away from that sin, towards God.
  2. Faith in who Jesus is and all that he has accomplished for us through his sinless life and sacrificial death.
  • PRAISE GOD – for a Gospel so simple that a child can understand it and be saved.
  • PRAY FOR – unsaved people you know that have not yet repented and believed.
  • THINK ABOUT – what true repentance looks like and see if there is that fruit in your own life.
  • THINK OF – ways to share the Gospel with them.