Prayer focus for Tuesday: Genesis 12:1-9; Romans 4:1-12

Read Genesis 12:1-9 – God called Abram out of his comfortable life in Ur of the Chaldees into a completely unknown future simply on the basis of a promise. A promise that a childless couple would become the parents of a great nation and that that nation in turn would become a blessing to the whole world. Abram believed and God counted it as “righteousness” Romans 4:1-12.

PRAISE GOD – for his great faithfulness.
PRAY FOR – an increasing faith in all of God’s promises and the courage to live by them.
THINK ABOUT – which of God’s promises could help you live your Christian life more faithfully.
THINK OF – how difficult it was for Abram and Sarai to hold on to the promise of God as their childlessness continued into old age and draw strength from God’s faithfulness.